Aim Animal Innovations Shoot

Colourblind films recently shot testimonials and promotional material for AIM Animal Innovations a South Australian company who produce supplements for animal producers. I shot stills on this shoot which took place over a week in rural Victoria and New South Wales. It was a great team that included members of the team shooting with a drone, stills and video vision. It was a great shoot and testament to working with a down to earth and hard working team. 

The sheep got out during the shoot. Whoops...

Prepping for the interviews.

Rick from AIM enjoying the farms.

Flying the drone over the sheep for the first shot. 

We had to stop this interview for a while because a huge crowd of galahs flew over...deafening. 

Flying the drone over the sheep yards at sunset.

Watching the view from the drone.

Some lighting for nightfall.

End of the first day.

On location at Texas Angas.

Dave is a curiosity to the cattle. 

Rick from AIM and his new toy. 

My assistant.

Super tough cattle dog.

Nathan and the farm's pet galah. 

Dai trying to shoo the sheep away from his drone. 

Trying to get a picture of me getting zapped by electric fence. 

Ben as stand in assistant. 

Dai as stand in subject. 

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