The Big Issue ( who I volunteer as a photographer for ) have a fundraising event call The Big Lunch. They take over the Adelaide Central Market on a chilly winter afternoon and set up big long tables.

The food has been prepared by great volunteer chefs from The Adelaide Hilton for 5 Years now. This year Lloyd Cremer their exec chef will be in on the action. The Hilton staff do an amazing job of making the market into a cosy warm afternoon dining place. 

This year the chefs/cooks and Big Issue staff visited The Artisan Cheese Making School  at Regency TAFE to make some brie for the cheese platters to finish off the lunch. The smell was amazing. Simon's first time cutting the curds and whey, he really liked his beard net. 

Various cheeses made by the students. 

Bree May , Simon Bryant and Gina Dal Santo trying the different varieties.

Pouring the curds. included the cheese making in their Forager section this week.

You can get a ticket and support The Big Issue vendors you see in your city at

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