Morning Light

In Febuary 2015 I spent four days on The Murray Princess, a paddle boat that cruises the Murray River in South Australia. I was assisting another photographer Heidi Linehan of HeidiWho  who was shooting promotional material for Sealink.

It was pretty on the river, morning mist rises and there is plenty of animals to see by the riverbanks.

The boat is pretty loud inside but when you get used to it the experience of seeing the river like this is quite peaceful. 

Here a crew member enjoys a quick cup of tea at sunrise, before the day begins.

Small boats used to pick up supplies for the paddleboat along the river.

The worlds largest kingfisher, the Kookaburra, hunts along the river. 

Ruby Saltbush.

This is the lead ball they throw ashore to tie up the boat.

The Murray Princess passing under the bridge at Lock in South Australia.

One of the punters at a stop along the river.

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