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Starting in 2005 and finishing up in 2022 I worked for Adelaide newspapers Messenger Press, Indaily and the Southern Cross Newspaper. The scope of this work ranged from local & international personalities to politics.


Being part of news teams helped me to understand and appreciate the important role the media plays in our democracy.

Nat Rogers Photographer-3.jpg

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard for Indaily news

Nat Rogers Photographer-9529.jpg

Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court for Indaily news

Nat Rogers Photographer-2633.jpg

Former Treasurer for Indaily

Nat Rogers Photographer--4.jpg

Hazara gathering for Indaily 

Nat Rogers Photographer-2670.jpg

Southern Cross Newspaper

Nat Rogers Photographer-35.jpg

Southern Cross Newspaper

Nat Rogers Photographer-72272.jpg

Iggy Pop for Messenger Press

Nat Rogers Photographer-0118.jpg

Easter service for Southern Cross Newspaper

Nat Rogers Photographer-8726.jpg
Nat Rogers Photographer-6039.jpg

Indaily news

Nat Rogers Photographer-9419.jpg

Indaily news

Nat Rogers Photographer - Womad-4773-.jpg

Indaily news

Nat Rogers Photographer-16.jpg
Nat Rogers Photographer-5717.jpg

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke - Indaily news

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