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Adelaide Food

These images were taken mostly in the context of advertising photography or images commissioned for websites or magazines. 

Living in South Australia means being pretty spoilt with food and wine. Many world leading food and wine producers work from this beautiful place in the world. Yes, I got to eat most of these things too. 


Jamie Oliver for Indaily


Langhorne Creek

Indian Pacific Photographer Nat Rogers-2075.jpg

Indian Pacific Railways

Nat Rogers Food and Wine Photographer -3337.jpg


Nat Rogers Food and Wine Photographer -2970.jpg


Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-3.jpg

Chef Dennis Leslie for Hill 

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher--2.jpg

Windy Point Restaurant

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-8234.jpg


Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-0453.jpg

Coal Cellar and Grill

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-7556.jpg

Hilton Adelaide

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-4724.jpg


Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-9555.jpg

Barossa Valley Tours with Indian Pacific

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-9401.jpg

TAFE Cheese Making

Nat Rogers Event Photographer Adelaide-1502.jpg
Nat Rogers Food and Wine Photographer -3290.jpg

Art Gallery of South Australia


Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-2.jpg

Hill of Grace Restaurant

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-4359.jpg
Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-4455.jpg

Glynde Food Trails

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-4013.jpg

Summertown Aristologist

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-9.jpg

Indaily Food and Wine

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-.jpg

Hanuman Restaurant

Jimmy Chu-9788 copy.jpg

Chef Jimmy Shu

Nat Rogers Food Photogapher-6696.jpg

Summertown Aristologist

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 4.39.26 pm.png
Indian Pacific Photographer Nat Rogers-1393.jpg

Chef Adam Liaw for Indian Pacific Railways

Indian Pacific Photographer Nat Rogers-1195.jpg

Indian Pacific Railways


Hilton Adelaide

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