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These portraits were taken mostly in the context of advertising photography or images commissioned for websites etc. 

Photographing people in the midst of their genius is satisfying to me and I appreciate every encounter. 

Maggie Beer for Miele 

Nat Rogers Photographer-2.jpg

Tilly Cobham Hervey - Actor

Indian Pacific Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Chef Adam Liaw for Indian Pacific

Coober Pedy Photo Nat Rogers.jpg
Nat Rogers Photographer-04.jpg

Chan Griffin - Actor / Stuntman

Flinders University Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Flinders University International

Martin Hamilton Smith Labour Party.jpg

Martin Hamilton-Smith MP for SACOME Magazine

Chiong Leow Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Chef Cheong Liew for Glynde Foodtrails

Freerange Futures-1942.jpg

Positive Minds Australia for Freerange Future

Mark Olive Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Chef Mark Olive for Indian Pacific

Nat Rogers Photographer-1798.jpg

Indian Pacific Railway Tours

Nat Rogers Photographer-5474.jpg
Maggie Beer Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Maggie Beer for Miele ovens

Denis Leslie Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Chef Dennis Leslie Chef for Hill of Grace Restaurant

Beach Energy Photo Nat Rogers-7048.jpg

Beach Energy Board

Gabrielle Olga Photo Nat Rogers.jpg

Gabrielle Olga for Plant Body Solutions

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