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Hey Small Business, Is "Self Improvement" paralysing your work life?


Do you ever feel like all the self-help, self-improvement content can leave you feeling anxious or paralysed.? If one more blog (sorry) or best selling book or podcast tells you what your aren’t doing well enough or to your potential, you are going to scream? I sometimes get really overwhelmed by the amount of tasks I need to process in a day let alone thinking about how I want to improve my life or self. But what about if I stopped focusing on the huge things I want to achieve and was just grateful and proud of the little things?

Surely anyone can achieve something in a day without feeling like it wasn’t enough, if the idea was incremental, not instant, improvement. KAIZEN CONCEPT IN YOUR SMALL BUSINESS OR FREELANCE LIFE

“Kaizen’ is the Japanese word for “good change” (Kai = change, Zen = good) . I feel like this is such a self compassionate way of looking at work. It doesn’t matter whether the changes are big or small, or immediate or come along later, as long as it is a change for the better. We can move forward at all times. Even on the days we feel like nothing worked.

If you get one small thing right today, or change the way you do something, remember you have created “good change” in your business.


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