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What is digital storytelling?

An overview for 2023 with examples from all over the world.

*Updated May 2023

The term digital storytelling is about 30 years old.

In three short decades the technology that facilitates our digital communications expanded at rocket speed. 

Mass storytelling technologies are increasingly accessible in 2022, and to much more of the world. Digital Storytelling now has tools at hand like virtual reality, augmented reality and non fungible tokens.

Unfortunately, the academic use of Digital Storytelling as a practice today seems too often to live in the world of dusty old broken links and dated uses of technology. 


When did digital storytelling start?

The current expansion in the use of the term digital storytelling can be better understood by touching on it’s history.

In the 1970s and 80s artists were challenging the idea that art was for the gifted few and wasn’t accessible to ordinary people.


By the time digital technologies were more available in the 1990s, artists were on the cutting edge of helping to facilitate the representation of more voices within the creative practices.


Collaborations and stories were being produced by a new breed of artists that loosely called them selves “Digital Storytellers”.


Examples of digital storytelling in advertising.

Examples of digital storytelling in cool websites.

Examples of digital storytelling in journalism and the media.

Examples of digital storytelling in the arts.

Examples of digital storytelling with data.

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